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We Are Scientists

Helter Seltzer CD + LP


Release Date: 22/04/2016

For years people dreamt of colored vinyl, vibrant vinyl in all the colors of the sun. Even the most courageous dreamers, however, did not dare fantasize of teal vinyl. Always it was considered the holy grail — perhaps unobtainable. Today, history shows that our ancestors were fools. Obtain "Helter Seltzer" in limited edition teal vinyl. Includes download code.

The CD is “Helter Seltzer” at its most portable. Sure, you could get mp3’s, which are invisible, but you have to carry them ON A DEVICE, like a large desktop computer. Hardly something you want to carry around with you in the car while you run errands! This CD, on the other hand, fits easily in a jacket pocket, and contains all ten songs off of the record. Also, there’s handsome artwork for you to tape onto your TV screen. 

1. Buckle
2. In My Head
3. Too Late
4. Hold On
5. We Need A Word
6. Want For Nothing
7. Classic Love
8. Waiting For You
9. Headlights
10. Forgiveness


- Helter Seltzer CD Album
- Helter Seltzer LP (Limited Edition Teal Vinyl)
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